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• Near dense daytime populations, including central business districts, business parks, industrial parks, hospitals, and colleges

• In retail areas with strong traffic

• Daytime employee population greater than 8k+ within a 3-minute drive time and greater than 20k+ within a 5-minute drive time

• Residential overall population greater than 40k+ within the defined trade area

• Age- a large concentration of 18-54-year-old population

• Median income greater than $60K+

• Strong mix of white-collar, service professionals, and college students


• Shared pad, end cap, or out-parcel with a drive-thru(s) is preferred, in line with good visibility from the street.

• Strong visibility, easy ingress and egress access, and ample parking

• Full turn access from both main and side arteries

• 600-2,500 square feet with a minimum of 25' of frontage

• Strong national/regional co-tenants, both food and retail

• Outdoor seating is strongly preferred. Shared (common) space is acceptable.

• Parking 12 spots per 1000 sq feet, minimum 18

• Groucho’s Deli standard sign to maximum size per code/ center requirements; two signs are preferred for end-caps locations.


• 5-year base term with a minimum of one 5-year option (three preferred)

• No percentage rent or radius restrictions


• 400 amp, 120/208 or 120/240 volt, 3-phase, 4-wire electrical service stubbed to the main distribution panel in the premises and furnished with meter, circuit breakers, and disconnect as required by code

• Minimum 1 ton per 200 square feet of HVAC

• 1 3/4" water line rated at a minimum of 45 psi and 4" sewer line stubbed to the rear of the premises

• Gas service, if available, including meter to the premises

• 2 ADA restrooms located per Groucho’s Deli approved plan or $20,000 credit

• Minimum 10' ceiling AFF. Drywall finished to the roof deck, taped, sanded, and ready for paint.

• Grease interceptor or trap, per local ordinance

• All service tap fees, impact fees, meter fees, and development fees paid by the landlord

• Fire protection to code

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